The Jovial Mission

Our mission is to create authentic, unique and satisfying foods you can trust, with a time-honored taste that embraces the heritage of our ancestors. Our crops are lovingly cultivated by small-scale farmers and our products are masterly crafted by Italian artisans, resulting in the finest nutrient-rich, distinctly flavorful foods.

We take our mission very seriously and promise to:

  • Rediscover the purest ancient and heirloom varieties of ingredients, replenish their supply and transform them into products that enhance nature’s innate goodness.
  • Honor individuals with food intolerance by sourcing only the finest allergen-free ingredients to create delicious and wholesome foods they can enjoy with confidence.
  • Support the small-family farmer and pursue a sustainable business model in which we are directly monitoring the growing, harvesting and processing in limited geographical areas to reduce our fossil fuel consumption.
  • Offer the cleanest and most recyclable and compostable packaging options available, because caring about the environment means considering the entire process, from seed to shelf.
Hands holding wheat

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Discover just how Inherently Good your food can really be.