First Ever® Guaranteed

When you see the First Ever® trademark, it is our guarantee to you that we are providing the purest and most thoughtfully produced Einkorn product possible. Seeds and supply are virtually unavailable, so we have had to take care of growing the grain to fulfill our needs. Einkorn is also a very low yield crop, producing less than half the harvest of common wheat, which makes it financially challenging for farmers, so we are committed to building a lasting, respectful relationship directly with our growers.

Einkorn performs very differently than other wheat, resulting in numerous difficulties during milling and processing. We have overcome these hurdles by working with amazingly talented food artisans that have had expertise passed down through generations.

Jovial has many more einkorn products under development and will bring them to you as we increase our supply of grain. By controlling the entire supply chain, from seed to package, we can provide an absolute guarantee that you will always receive the purest and most delicious einkorn products possible.

Join the Jovial community and meet the many real people that will be helping us along the way.