Q: I would like more information about your 100% compostable packaging material.

A: The inner bag and windows of our packages are made from FSC wood-pulp and are fully certified to the European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) norms for compostable packaging. This material is suitable home composting and will typically break down in just a few weeks and is also biodegradable. Additionally, the production has gained CarbonNeutral® accreditation. Similar materials are principally made from raw materials such as corn, potatoes or wheat. We have selected our material because it is produced from wood pulp that is sourced from managed plantations, having a lesser impact on the environment and avoiding the possible use of Genetically Modified Organisms. This material is not made of plastic and is not suitable for standard plastic recycling.

Q: I followed your cooking instructions, but the pasta did not turn out so perfect?

A: Be aware that our first batch of einkorn rigatoni and penne listed the incorrect cooking time on the box. Please cook these two items for 13 and not 10 as listed. Cooking times vary and depend on your stove and climate, so please taste for doneness to be sure the texture is right for you. For better tasting brown rice pasta, be sure to maintain the cooking water at a rolling boil.

Q: Does einkorn contain gluten?

A: Yes, einkorn is a species of wheat and does contain gluten. Although einkorn gluten may be more digestible than modern wheat, if you are avoiding gluten in your diet for health reasons, please try our delicious gluten free products as a tasty alternative.

Q: Is your einkorn pasta made from whole grain, including bran and germ?

A: Jovial whole grain einkorn pasta is made from freshly milled, 100% whole grain einkorn and includes both bran and germ.

Q: Where is the rice flour in your brown rice pasta grown?

A: All of our rice flour is grown in Italy.

Q: I would like to purchase einkorn flour. Will you be selling it?

A: Yes, we currently offer organic einkorn flour for sale in our online store.

Q: Is your einkorn flour 100% whole grain?

A: Jovial einkorn flour is high-extractions flour at 80%, which means most of the germ and bran have been removed for lighter flour that stays fresh for longer.

Q: Are Jovial products certified Kosher?

A: At this time, only our pasta products are certified kosher by OK Kosher. We can provide a certificate upon request.

Q: I am a vegan. Which products are suitable for me?

A: Jovial Brown Rice pasta and Einkorn pasta are both suitable for vegans. Einkorn is an excellent source of b Vitamins and trace minerals. We do sell one cookie that carries Vegan certification, it is called Crispy Cocoa, and is made with einkorn wheat.

Q: Do your foods contain genetically modified organisms?

A: All of the ingredients used in Jovial products are GMO free.

Q: Does any of your packaging contain BPA?

A: No, we guarantee to our consumer that our packaging materials are free from BPA.

Q: I cannot find the product I want in my local store.

A:You can help us by notifying us of a store that does not carry what you are looking for. Please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the name and location of the store and the product you would like them to carry. This will help us service you better.