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Past Trips

Gluten Free Cooking in Italy

Fall in Italy is lovely and this September was no exception. A wonderful group spent the week with us in Tuscany and enjoyed a week of gluten free cooking classes and touring the Italian countryside. We also took day trips to wonderful villages and cities like Cinque Terre and Florence. We ended our week with a memorable evening in Lucca watching the beautiful Luminara di Santa Croce. It was a trip none of us will soon forget. Traveling gluten free doesn’t have to be a challenge. Join us on a Gluten Free Culinary Getaway you can rest assured we will take care of everything so you can fully relax and enjoy yourself.

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Traditional Foods in Italy

Jenny from the Nourished Kitchen blog showed the guests how to prepare traditional foods while having the time of their lives in the Old World! This exciting Culinary Getaway featured hands-on cooking classes where the guests learned how to prepare foods in a healthier way. Jenny demonstrated how to ferment vegetables, soaking, souring and sprouting grains and how to enjoy great wholesome meals without waste.

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Gluten-Free Italian Adventure

This gluten free journey featured an unforgettable group of guests who quickly became a family. The week included delicious gluten free baking, including pizza, crepes, cookies as well as salads, whole grains dishes and more. Read more about this trip here.

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Gluten Free Girl and Chef

This gluten free journey was Jovial’s first Culinary Getaway in Lucca. Guests enjoyed traveling to Italy without having to be concerned about dietary needs. The beautiful surrounding and delicious food made this trip something to remember forever.

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