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March 2011
Jovial Foods Introduces First Organic Artisan Cookies from Italy

March 2011
Jovial Foods Introduces Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta

August 2010
Jovial Introduces First Ever Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta Made from the World’s Most Ancient Wheat

October 12 2010
A letter from our Jovial founder

An open letter from Jovial® founder Carla Bartolucci

As our oldest daughter started third grade in a small town in Italy, her class began studying history from the very, very beginning. I was always a good student, but history was not my strength. If I couldn’t see or experience something firsthand, I had a hard time remembering it. I must admit words like Paleolithic, Neolithic and of course, Homo sapiens, yes they all rang a bell, but I began hiding when she asked for help. I thought I would just keep an ear open and maybe at forty, I would be able to learn something meaningful. I never imagined that ancient history would soon play an integral part of my near future.

Italy is full of history and it just so happened that a Bronze Age village was discovered just a bike ride away from our house. The museum displayed archeological relics and a reconstructed village. As we were in one of the huts, the guide showed us where and how dinner was prepared and they had grain displayed on a stone slab. I nudged my husband and begged him to ask what variety of grain that was. Reluctantly, he did and as usual he got the same old answer‐′′they ate some ancient type of spelt.”

It took us a while to discover the real name of this most ancient wheat. Our research led us all the way back to the Neolithic Revolution or roughly 12,000 years ago when mankind transitioned from hunter‐gatherer and started farming so they could stay in one community. The very first crop they chose to domesticate from the wild was called einkorn, the original species of wheat. We also discovered a group of researchers in Italy had been studying the grain for over a decade, ever since scientists determined that Ötzi, the Bronze Age man found perfectly preserved in a glacier in the Italian Alps in 1991, had eaten it for his last meal.

Fast forward a few years and you can now officially experience true Neolithic flavor at your local Whole Foods Market and leading natural foods stores with Jovial First Ever® Einkorn pasta. In short, we were able to find einkorn seeds and cultivate them, discovering along the way that this most ancient grain makes quite a delicious and surprisingly nutritious bowl of pasta. We’re so excited about the flavor and wholesome quality of the resulting pasta that additional einkorn products are coming soon.

Following please find detailed information about our mission to harvest health from history and produce delicious foods our ancestors would be proud of.



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